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Beautiful beaches. Sunshine. Sand between your toes. A cool breeze by the sea. Serenity. Quiet solitude. Peace. Paradise.


Tired of rush hour traffic? Noise pollution? Overcrowded city life? Leave your worries behind and experience the pristine beaches and beauty of the Crimean coast. The Crimean peninsula is located at the southern end of the Ukraine. On the southeastern shoreline of the Crimea, nestled between volcanic foothills and immaculate beaches lies the town of Ordzonikidze [pronounced orjo-nik-id-ze]. The town is directly on the Black Sea 9 miles (15km) south of Feodosie. Most of the coastline is made up of series of inlets and beautifully isolated beaches. The pure, crystalline water is the result of being 'untouched' by human pollution for many centuries.

The town of Ordzonikidze in Crimea

This beautiful place is one of God's most wonderful creations: the hilly coast of Crimea.

The town is totally surrounded by volcanic foothills that protect both houses and beaches from the wind. The foothills were created by an inactive volcano, Caradag, which has been declared a state nature reservation of Crimea.

Isolated beaches in Ordzonikidze

You will enjoy panoramic views of beautiful Caradag, Cape Meganon, Cape Chameleon and much more on your visit to Ordzonikidze.

Thanks to its location and the absence of industry, Ordzonikidze boasts the cleanest and purest water in the whole country.

A panoramic view of the quiet town of Ordzonikidze in Crimea and the inactive volcano, Caradag

Little known Ordzonikidze, with its 5,000 inhabitants, remains untouched by mass tourism. During Soviet occupation, Ordzonikidze was closed to the public because of an Army torpedo factory. Now the factory is closed and the town and its magnificently lush scenery are open to be discovered. Despite the tantalizing surroundings and invitingly pure water, relatively few people have experienced this secret pearl of Crimea.